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Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District 
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Ambulance Transportation

We offer (ALS) Advanced Life Support and (BLS) Basic Life Support
​ambulance transportation.

We provide Non-Emergency and Emergency Transportation for Jackson Parish.

Covered Destinations:

  • Residential, domiciliary, or custodial facility
  • Hospital-based dialysis facility
  • Hospital
  • Non-Hospital based dialysis facility
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Residence
  • Scene of Accident

In Case of Emergency …… DIAL 911

911 service is a vital part of every community’s emergency response system.  Residents and Visitors of Jackson Parish depend on Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District to provide responsive and reliable 911 ambulance transportation when they need it.

Non-Emergency Transportation Guidelines:

Medicare and most insurance providers cover non-emergency ambulance transport when the service meets “medical necessity” criteria and is certified by the patient’s primary care physician. 

According to Medicare:

Non-emergency ambulance transportation may be provided, in some cases, when you need ambulance transportation to diagnose or treat your health condition and use of any other method of transportation could endanger your health.

In some cases, Medicare covers limited non-emergency ambulance transportation if you have a statement from your primary doctor stating that ambulance transportation is necessary due to your medical condition.

For example, Medicare may cover non-emergency ambulance transportation for people confined to bed if other methods of transportation could endanger their health.

A person is considered bed confined if all 3 conditions are met:

  • The patient is unable to get up from bed without assistance (and)
  • The patient is unable to ambulate (walk), (and)
  • The patient is unable to sit in a chair or wheelchair

If you are needing non-emergency transportation, please call 318-259-2877 and request to speak with our Office Manager. 

​We require a 48 hour advance notice for all non-emergency transports.  This allows us time to gather the required documentation, schedule an assessment visit, and obtain the required signatures from your primary care physician.


​If you need non-emergency transportation, you will need to contact the following:

Monday -  Friday                                     8am-5pm

48hour notice required

Aetna                                                           1-877-917-4150


Healthy Blue                                               1-866-430-1101

Amerihealth                                               1-888-913-0364

LA Healthcare Connections                     1-855-369-3723

United Healthcare                                     1-866-726-1472

Legacy Medicaid                                        1-855-325-7565


Inter-facility Transports:

Most people think of “ambulance service” think of sirens, flashing lights, and life-threatening situations, but a large portion of what we do includes providing ambulance transportation of patients between hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  These transports are called “inter-facility transfers” and are an important part of delivering healthcare to our community.  An inter-facility transfer can be an emergency or a non-emergency transport and can be from one parish to another or even out of state.


Notice of Privacy Practices