About Us

On May 4, 1998 the Jackson Parish Policy Jury created an ordinance establishing the Jackson Parish Ambulance Service District.

​The motion was made by Charles Garrett and seconded by Ernest Conn.  Voting Police Jury Members were:  David McManus, Leslie Thompson, and Troy Smith.  The effective date of the ordinance was June 1, 1998.

The first board of commissioners were:  Ms. Jerri Costin, David Craig, Joe Vail, Herbert Simmons Jr. and Larry Avery.

The ambulance service was stationed at Jackson Parish Hospital until January 2009. Since then, we have grown.  We now have 2 stations and a dedicated Training Facility.

The Main Office/Station is located at:
115 Watts Street
Jonesboro, LA  71251

The Training Facility is located at:

115 Watts Street

Jonesboro, LA 71251

The Chatham Sub-station is located at:
1490 Pine Street
Chatham, LA  71226

(318) 259-2891


2024 Board Members:

Joe Vail
Allen Lindsay
Conchita Malone Doyle
Alma Williams
Deidre Hollis

​Aaron K. Johnson, Jr.(June 2015 - )
Bill Bollier
(June 1998 – January 2004)  

​Tracy Wold
(February 2004 – May 2015)